How Liberal Democracy Enhances Welling Essay

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Discuss your understanding of the Australian political system and how its particular type of Liberal Democracy attempts to enhance the well-being of its citizens? The nature of the development of the political system within Australia was directly impacted on the settlers who first colonised the land. If there had not been a majority of convict settlers, would Australia have evolved politically the same way it has? In other examples around the world such as the United States there is evidence to suggest that Australia may have developed very differently. Australia began life in the colony with uneducated convicts who forged their own political system and this had a lasting impression on the modern political system that has developed. This essay examines the Australian political system, the foundation and various structures that it is based upon. There is an introduction to how the principles of democracy and liberalism developed and how they both pertain to the Australian system. The last part of this essay looks at the rights citizens have under a liberal democracy and how a liberal democracy attempts to enhance the well-being of its citizens. Finally other liberal democracies are compared with the Australian form and potential concerns that have developed out of the different examples are discussed. The Australian political system is founded on a constitutional monarchy and exists as a representative democracy of which the parliament is an integral part, debating and developing the policies and laws which govern our nation (Singleton, Aitkin, Jinks, & Warhurst 2009 p.136). It is a constitutional monarchy because the government is defined by a written constitution and it has the Queen of England as the head of state who is represented by the Governor General. Australian citizens elect members to parliament who act and speak on their behalf in

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