How Lady Gaga Influenced America

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Chelsea Gore Block: 4 Music influences people on different levels than just novels, poems, and other forms of text. Music gets the message across and stuck in your head leaving you hopeless of getting it out. March 28, 1986 one of the most influential composer and performer came into the world, Lady Gaga. Not everyone may like Gaga or the way she presents herself or her music, but she has still influenced America today. She developed her interests in the music industry at an early age, so she has had awhile to plan her way to take over the world, metaphorically of course. Lady Gaga has recently been named one of the top 100 most influential people in America by times magazine. “An artist's job is to take a snapshot — be it through words or sound, lyrics or song — that explains what it's like to be alive at that time. Lady Gaga's art captures the period we're in right now.” states Cyndi Lauper in a times magazine article. But Lady Gaga is making our time. She has influenced our today’s culture, fashion, music, and everything “American”. “Because we were born this way!” Lady Gaga exclaimed during one of her concerts in Edmonton. She directed this to every freak, loser, misfit and homosexual in today’s generation. Gaga is an icon to a large majority of teens as a social and musical icon. Her activism efforts in support of homosexual rights have helped build a new and improved support network for homosexuals. Many homosexuals look to Gaga as their leader. At a recent rally and appeal to United State senators, she moved to abolish the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in the states. In Gaga’s appeal to the senators she says,” It is my belief that no one person is more valuable than another.” This line really solidifies her passion for equality and equal rights. During her speech, she handled herself very professionally and it was hard to imagine her as the

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