How Jrotc Helps With Peer Pressure Essay

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Peer Pressure is a very serious thing. It can be positive or negative. Being a cadet has given me a whole new outlook on peer pressure. What I mean is, the core is like a family unit that I know I can depend on for help in peer pressure situations. In this paper I’m going to write about how JROTC has helped me and can help others with both positive and negative peer pressure. First I’m going to talk about Positive peer pressure. An example of it would be your friends encouraging you to do the right thing in whatever situation you might be in. My experience with it would be the time I had an assignment in my math class that I did not understand that well and therefore I didn't want to do it. My friend Josh (who is also a cadet) encouraged me to at least try and would not leave me alone until I did. Thanks to him bugging me I finished that assignment. Now I’m going to talk about negative peer pressure. Obviously, it would be someone pushing you to do the wrong the thing or just something you yourself does not want to do. Honestly that’s not really a problem for most of us in the core so I’m going to say how we help each other get through or avoid negative peer pressure. My experience would be when one of my friends in the core was trying to decide who he wanted date and a lot of people were trying to make him date someone he did not like. He came to me saying he was about to give in because everyone else thought it was a good idea, and I told him not to worry about who everyone else wanted him to be with because it was his choice and not theirs. In conclusion, the core helps me deal with peer pressure much better than I have in the past. I also thinks it helps everyone else too, because of the way we can support each

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