How Jrotc Helps Deal With Peer Pressure Essay

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Everyday teens are influenced by their friends to make bad decisions. Peer Pressure is like a disease because there is no way to avoid it, and the longer it is present, the harder it is to get rid of. Cures for this particular disease can be found in family, friends, church, and even in JROTC. JROTC is one of the best ways to prevent or stop peer pressure because it provides leadership, confidence, and self-discipline. Leadership skills are a very important when it comes to preventing or stopping peer pressure because if you are a good leader then you will influence your peers positively and make good decisions for the group. Acting like a leader will also help because your peers will not want to ask you to smoke a joint or dink alcohol if they think they will be rejected. JROTC is full of simple examples of leadership, from formation at the bell, to the classroom discussions, leadership is there. Statistics show that seventy-three percent of teens under peer pressure are doing what their friends say because they want to be “cool”, or impress their buddies. All these teens need is some confidence so they can work up the nerve to “just say no”. After a few weeks, of oral presentations, marching, and P.T., teens will gain confidence and realize that it feels good to make your own choices. Obviously if seventy-three percent are listening to their friends because they do not have the confidence, then the other twenty-seven percent is because they can not control their addiction(s). Being a JROTC cadet myself, I can guarantee that you will establish self-discipline. You have to if you want to be a good leader or even just a good cadet. If you are always tardy, do not do your homework, or you are not in dress code, then you will not be respected, or trusted. If your peers are trying to get you to do drugs or other things you should not be doing, then they are not

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