How Is Volunteering Helpful

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Benjamin Franklin once said, “You can do anything you set your mind to”. My journey with National Honors Society started three years ago, since then I have not only developed as a person but also a leader. Every year with the National Honors Society I learn something new and unique; but of all the inspiring and moving things I have done so far to give back to the community, this has to be the best. Volunteering for clean up at the park, for a day or two might come as drudging to most people. People don’t really want to recycle other people’s trash. When I was looking for a volunteer opportunity this semester, I didn’t think that recycling at the park after a carnival would be something very interesting or inspiring to me. However life has its own course to teach you lessons. I as a member of have always wanted to fight for humanity and justice; what I didn’t know however, was that every fight for justice is a big one. Looking at planet earth as of today makes me very heartbroken. We as humans care about the planet earth but we lack action. Volunteering at my local park taught me that change can be small, and that all that matters is, if I’m doing my part. Before this experience, I was lacking sense of self, I felt like I was being quite selfish to the earth by not doing my part to save the earth and just focusing on the bigger picture, and how to save the earth in a bigger movement. After observing how many people don’t recycle, or don’t even put their trash in the right bins, it made me realize that it’s the small things that matter; you don’t have to be in a movement or protest to do your part. Playing a small part in saving the earth can make a big difference. It is vital for us as human beings, to take care of the planet that we live in. We constantly hear about ozone depletion, global warming, and climate change, but at most times we don’t know
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