How Is the Growth of Sinn Fein, from Fringe Revolutionary Organization to Provisional Government, Best Explained?

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How is the growth of Sinn Fein, from fringe revolutionary organization to provisional government, best explained? The growth of Sinn Fein from a fringe revolutionary organization to a provision government can be put down to a multitude of factors, including tactics taken, its anti-war stance, its association with the Easter Rising and the poor policies of the British Government. These allowed the organization to play the rest of Great Britain and Ireland and ultimately raise national consciousness for themselves, and consequently becoming and provisional government. The tactics employed by the Sinn Fein movement was vital in their growth to becoming a provisional government. The act of tactical and dubious voting was an essential part of the tactics used by Sinn Fein to sustain growth into a substantial political group. The popularity of the party and what they stood for, non-violent nationalism, was demonstrated by four by-election victories in 1917 against opposing Home Rule candidates. A particularly important success was that of Count George Plunkett who’s father was executed in 1916. Plunkett was a successor over Redmond’s candidate, which showed that Sinn Fein, IRB and Easter Rising were all successful in spreading their appeal over Ireland. Furthermore Sinn Fein had an agreement that they an ILP would not stand against each other in different constituencies. This reduced any opposition Sinn Fein might have faced yet also it played to their advantage as their thriving popularity after the Easter Rising meant that they were in the over whelming majority regardless. Therefore the use of political tactics assisted Sinn Fein in becoming a provisional government as they used it to seek popularity in the form of the overwhelming majority of votes. Another way in which Sinn Fein grew from a revolutionary organization to provisional government was by its
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