How Is the Event, Personality or Situation You Have Chosen Represented in Julius Caesar?

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Module C Elective 1: Conflicting Perspectives; Extended Response 1. How is the event, personality OR situation you have chosen represented in Julius Caesar? In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, the murder of Caesar presents the controversy between the manipulation of Brutus by Cassius and the conspirators, sparking a conflict between who was responsible for the death and murder of Caesar. Although Brutus’ was the one to carry out the act of the murder, Cassius was the initiator and the mastermind, making us question who was accountable for the death or Caesar. When the soliloquy of Cassius in Act 1 Sc. 2 begins it is evident of Cassius’ Epicurean view and his evil desires and intention to use Brutus to murder Caesar, ‘Caesar doth bear me hard, but he loves Brutus…’ the contrast apparent in Cassius’ statement exemplifies that he uses this knowledge to his advantage to coordinate who he would influence to plot against Caesar. The use of rhetorical devices in Brutus’ soliloquy ‘Shall Rome stand under one man’s awe?’ targets Brutus’ fear of Caesar’s misuse of power and dictatorship further supplementing our understanding of the influence that Cassius had implanted onto Brutus, successfully being able to justify and solidify Brutus’ will to kill Caesar. Cassius twists Brutus’ patriotism towards Rome to motivate Brutus into thinking that Caesar’s intentions for the Roman Public would be used in ways that would lead to the fall of Rome. ‘Let’s kill him boldly, but not wrathfully…carve him as a dish fit for the gods’ the use of a metaphor reveals that his intentions are not to kill Caesar out of spite but instead with regret and considers Caesar as a person of a respectful status. Brutus states ‘…not that I loved Caesar less, but that I love Rome more’ and through this elevates his loyalty to the country and the self-justification provides evidence towards the

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