How Is Suspense Created Through the Narrative in the Band of Brothers Clip?

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How is suspense created through the narrative in the Band of Brothers clip? Band of Brothers is a television series written by Steven Spielberg. This television series is based on the happenings and events of WW2. It intensely portrays the problems and the negativity of WW2, which for some war veterans hasn’t gone down so well, as they believe that a remembrance piece of work should almost salute the soldiers for being terrible brave, however this television series is very negative towards the whole war. In this analysis I will be looking in depth at the clip we viewed in class, which I believe is the first of the 10 series remembrance drama. One of the very first things we see in this clip is the opening credits. This is significant in creating suspense as it is portrayed as almost a flashback. I can acknowledge this because although the text is very clear and readable, the background clips which were tinted soldiers were very blurred as it moved onto the next motion. This is really effective as the viewer straight from the beginning of the video can see what this programme is about and also to get the real feel of emotion that is noticeable from the non – diegetic music. The music is instrumental however in saying that it creates a powerful sense of sad emotion. It was made by a musician called Michael Kaman who is a very famous composer and well known for his effortless approach to producing emotional masterpieces. In the opening title sequence the writer of the programme creates an enigma immediately. This can be seen when the soldiers that are tinted and darkened for effect, are walking up mountains seeming to be adventuring to a certain location. This automatically gets the viewer’s asking themselves questions such as; where are they going? Who are they going to see? Why are they climbing up a mountain? These questions are instantly answered when the

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