How Is Strong Feelings Presented in Romeo & Juliet and the Laboratory by Robert Browning

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William Shakespeare is a renounced poet and playwright; he is most famous for his creative linguistic devices and his ability to incorporate many significant and relevant themes into his writing. Romeo and Juliet, being one of Shakespeare’s most credited plays, utilizes the themes of love, hatred, conflict and anger. Shakespeare successfully portrays all these themes through strong emotions. Similarly Robert Browning conveys strong feeling such as hatred, betrayal and love which becomes overt. Browning’s poem ‘The Laboratory’ is about a scorned woman’s desired to kill her lover’s mistress, and any other woman he may have had an affair with. ‘The Laboratory’ (Ancient Regime) refers to an older rule or government suggesting that the speaker comes from a past. Love being a profound, tender, passionate affection towards another person. When Romeo meets Juliet for the first time, he describes her asa “snowy dove trooping with the crows”. The word “dove” suggests she is both beautiful and a figure of peace. Shakespeare represents strong feeling of love and how it is effectively presented through this quote. This is ironic because her family is the Montague’s enemy and conflict before peace arrives between the two families. The “crows” could represent the Capulet’s who are the Montague’s enemies, but can also represent the other females at the ball. It can be said that Romeo uses the word “crows” to contrast Juliet to the other females; it is evident that he finds her to be one of the beautiful beings. In stanza four, she shows interest in the poison that the scientist is exerting. She asks what the blue potion is far. The speaker reveals elements of love through rich colours “such oozing come”. By using beautiful and harmless colours to describe the poison shows us to what extent she would go to get her partner back. However, it can also mean that she is relating the

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