How Is Sheila Birling Represented in the Play ?

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Salina Mehrban Salina Mehrban English homework – How is Sheila Birling represented in the play? An Inspector Calls “An inspector calls” was written after the second world war in 1945 by Priestley and was set in 1912. Priestley uses the inspector character and his role to get a message across… Priestley’s purpose was to display how the capitalists exploit the working class. The main act of the play was when the inspector comes and visits the well-respecter family. The characters are affected by the death of Eva Smith/Daisy Renton but Sheila Birling shows the greatest remorse. Priestley represents Sheila birling in two different ways. Firstly, she is displayed as a spoilt, naïve child who does not reflect on how her actions could affect other people. This is shown by how her jealousy and influence got Eva Smith sacked from her second job at milwards which caused her life to become unstable. Secondly, Sheila is displayed as a dependent women “but these girls aren’t cheap labour” this reveals that she already is showing change and develop. In addition Priestley changes her character by making he more mature to send a message saying younger generation are capable of changing and there is hope for their society: I know I’m to blame – and I’m desperately sorry' on closer inspection this suggest that she has learnt her lesson and is horrified by her own part in Eva’s story also taking full responsibility for her actions shows confidence, courage and bravery she feels full of guilt for her jealous actions and blames herself as “really responsible”. Sheila Birling is very perceptive: she realises that Gerald knew Daisy Renton/Eva Smith from his response, the moment inspector Goole mentioned her name. At the end of act two she is the first wonder who the inspector really is, saying to him,

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