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Lucy: “I have sex with him and I sleep with you”. How is love treated in Cosi? In “Cosi”, Louis Nowra explores the ideas of love, fidelity, mental illness and, illusion and reality. “Cosi” is about a director who takes the challenge of directing a play with mental patients. The play the patients perform is “Cost Van Tutte” which is also about love and fidelity. Lucy and Nick are having an affair behind Lewis’ back. Henry is against free love and talks about his mother and father. Lewis doesn’t believe in free love and learns a lot to do with love throughout his time at the asylum. The play was made in the 1970’s, which was after the hippie movement. The concept of getting married and being loyal to that one person for the rest of your life was slowly ending and dying out and people were starting to believe in free love. Lucy and Nick were both believers of free love. They thought that the concept of having to be married to someone was out-dated. Lucy is a university student, a passionate protestor against the Vietnam war and a fighter for social justice. Nick is also a protestor against the war and he is also a director. They both betray Lewis in the play by having an affair behind his back. When Lewis asks Lucy whether she is having an affair with Nick she responds with “I have sex with him and I sleep with you”. This…show more content…
He didn’t believe in free love and didn’t think the concept of marriage was out-dated. During his directing position at the asylum, Lewis learns a lot about love, fidelity and the patients. He learns that Lucy isn’t all that faithful to him when he finds out that she is having an affair with his friend, Nick. Although he was upset, devastated and angry about Lucy being unfaithful, he wasn’t completely faithful to her. When there is a power outage in the play “Cosi”, Julie and Lewis kiss. He never tells Lucy about this but it raises the question, to what factors make up a person to be

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