How Is Love Portrayed in Selected Poems

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How is love portrayed in the selected poems? Throughout the six poems love is portrayed in different ways by changing the type of love that is shown in the poems, which makes dissimilar to all of each other. Love can be shown in different ways, some more obvious love between a man and a woman or between a parent and a child or there is love that can be shown in a less obvious way. The dramatic monologue ‘My last duchess’ is a good example of how love is shown but not in a conventional way. In ‘My last duchess’ love is shown as a very strong emotion because of the Duke’s possessive love for his ‘last duchess’. He showed disapproval when she smiled at other men or when her ‘looks went everywhere’. The Duke felt that as he had gifted her ‘his nine-hundred-years-old name’, she was his possession and that her smiles and her beauty should only be for himself. This shows how the Duke’s love was very selfish and arrogant as he thought of her as a trophy to show off as if he did not truly love her. This may have been the case as in the 14th to 16th century when the poem was set, women were treated like this and a man would choose his wife taking great consideration into the wealth of her and her family. This is shown in the poem when the Duke mentions the dowry in line fifty one ‘no just pretence of mine for dowry will be disallowed’. This suggests how it is very important to the Duke that his new wife has a considerable amount of wealth. Due to the way in which the Duke is described he is portrayed as a controlling and self-centred man. The reader interprets that he is a lot happier now that his duchess is dead and all he has left of her is a painting which is the best scenario for him. This is the case as a painting cannot be unfaithful and she cannot be ‘too easily impressed’ by the men that she is around. This is showing how he does not trust his
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