How Is Finland Better Than Us? Essay

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Students are much more familiar and comfortable with their teachers in Finland. They practically grow up with their teachers. They have no dress code and are allowed to call their teachers by their first name. Students get to move up with their teachers from primary school to lower secondary school. This allows more time for a teacher to get to know his/her student. This also allows the teacher and teacher assistant to have more one on one time and focus on a student’s weakness. With the weaknesses, the teachers think creatively to find a way through arts and crafts in order for them to understand a certain topic. They also mandate squillions and squillions of hands- on activities in order for them to have fun. To add on to the fun, the students in primary schools and lower secondary schools have about 75 minutes of recess every day. Some of the only times that they don’t go outside to play is if it -15 degrees and windy. The principal of a school in Helsinki says “The children must play.” The United States is very different. Even though the United States have no dress code either, they are pushed to call their teacher formally by their last name. Some people say this teaches respect at a young age, but all it actually does is form a barrier between the teacher and student. This does not allow for any comfort between the student and teacher. Each year, even in Kindergarten a child gets a new teacher every year. By the time that the student is finally able to trust and build a relationship with his/her teacher, the school year is probably half over or almost done, the teacher will not be able to know each students weaknesses and strengths. Teachers in the United States don’t wait until everyone is comfortable with a new topic. They always go over it for a certain period of time, and then they quiz on it, and the teachers move on to the next topic. The topics
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