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Dick Clark Dick Clark brought people all over the world together through their love of music. He hosted the show American Bandstand, a television show aimed towards teenagers full of dancing and singing, for thirty-two years. Clark produced many shows like the American Music Awards and the 10,000-dollar pyramid. But he was most known for his annual television special, Dick Clarks Rockin’ New Years Eve, which he hosted for over three decades. Dick Clark was a hero because he changed the way people looked at music, and even the way people looked at other people, he tried to understand the teenage audience, and influenced many peoples lives for the better. Dick Clark first came into the music business when he took over the show American Bandstand in 1957,…show more content…
When he moved to Los Angeles, he finally into projects behind the scenes. He produced shows like the 10,000 Dollar Pyramid and TV’s Practical Jokes and Bloopers. He also produced many popular movies including Elvis, The Birth of the Beatles, Elvis and the Colonel, Wild in the Streets and The Savage Seven. Even after all of his success, Dick wasn’t done yet. Clark created the American Music Awards as a rival to the Grammy’s. He wanted to appeal to a younger generation and their taste in music. The teenagers loved this show, and the view count has since surpassed the Grammy’s more times than not. The show that most people know Dick Clark for is Dick Clarks Rockin’ New Years Eve, which came out in 1972. This television program is aired every New Years Eve on ABC. The show consists of live performances, which feature Clark, his co-hosts, and different music acts in and around New York City's Times Square. When asked about his favorite times on the show, Dick Clark said Jennifer Lopez and the Millennium Broadcast. Millions of People tuned in to watch Dick and every year the number of viewers

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