How Is Deena Greedy

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There was a goddess named Deena. She was very pretty but stubborn and greedy. She wanted everyone to only come to her and ask for advice because she was called the “Great Wise One.” No one ever wanted to come to her for advice though because she would always call them dumb and be so negative. All the gods dislike her. Nobody tried to get close to her. Deena would always be by herself be she didn’t care because she likes everything peaceful and quiet. The one day all the goddesses in the land were all fed up with her advice and greediness they made a plan to get her back because of her rude attitude. So they went to the head of the all the goddesses to take away all Deena’s powers and make her mortal so she’ll realize to know how it feels like to be bossed around. When Deena was sleeping, the head of the goddess took away all her powers and made her mortal.…show more content…
She became furious and she cursed the goddesses. The goddesses knew that she wouldn’t learn her lesson so they sent two other goddesses in disguise having a rough life, needing assistants to carry supplies back to their cottage. Deena ran across the goddesses in disguise, asking for help from Deena for her assistants to carry supplies Deena refused. She gave the rudest look and the rudest advice saying “ I they aren’t able to carry their own home supplies to their cottage that is only 20 feet away then don’t carry anything at all “. When the head of goddesses saw what Deena did. He got so angry that he made Deena go through the hardest times in life for her to understand how selfish she is and that her selfishness does nothing good but upset people. So he made her have no food or water. All she had was shelter that was made out of straws. If she wanted food she had to go do labor work to earn the money. If she wanted water she had to fetch it from a river

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