How Is Antoinette Presented Here and How Does It Link to the Themes Isolation and Identity?

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This extract of ‘Wide Sargasso Sea’ sees Antoinette in England, where her surroundings have changed and her mental deterioration has taken a downward spiral. The effect of the themes isolation and identity take a clear part in this down fall and are conveyed through Antoinette’s perception of her own feeling and her environment. Following Antoinette being taken to England, the reader is immediately told of the horrid conditions she has been forced into. She is separated from the rest of the house hold in an attic, where she does not understand “their world”, as it is very different from her familiar Jamaican home. This stimulates a sense of mistrust between herself, “the women who looks after” her and the “different voices” of the people in the house. This is seen by Antoinette believing they are lying to her, she doubts she is in England and does not “believe them”, when they say she is. Likewise Grace Poole, her carer exclaims earlier on that she doesn’t “turn (her) back on her when her eyes have that look”. Antoinette is seen as dangerous and even a male cleaner “did not look at” her, showing she is feared by many in Thornfield. Antoinette’s longing for her home in Jamaica becomes prominent in part three. This is shown through the representation of her memories. She notices “beautiful”, bright colours of the “flames” in the fireplace, which closely relates to the bold colours of the Jamaican environment. This evidently shows how she craves the warmth of the familiar Jamaican climate, and the clear contrast between it and her “very cold” England surroundings. This reflects how she is miserable and alone in England. The bright colours of the “tapestry” reminds her of her mother’s dress, yet this is quickly tarnished by the memory of her mother’s cold reaction to her as a child when Annette looks “away” from her, forcing Antoinette back into the

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