How Internet Changed World Essay

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Eric Italiano Tech paper 2/16/12 iHuman Imagine this. Take an African American from a poverty stricken village in Ghana, and drop them in the middle of Times Square. Would they even know where they are? Not to sound like an ignorant bigot, but the fact of the matter is that Times Square and an African village very well could be different planets. But does that make each respective area’s people different species? If Times Square is more evolved than Ghana, then should the locals of New York be considered more evolved as well? The way the world and the technology in it has been rapidly advancing and evolving over the last quarter century, one could make the argument that humans are evolving with it. But in this case, evolution is not necessarily a positive. In the essay Is Google Making us Stupid? Nicholas Carr argues that today’s innovations such as Google have had an adverse effect on the human mind. He believes that the convenience of all this technology has caused us to become impatient and lazy. Carr bases his argument around the notion that the internet has changed the way humans think and process information; “What if I do all my reading on the web not so much because the way I read has changed, i.e. I’m just seeking convenience, but because the way I think has changed?” (Carr 68). Christine Rosen, author of The Age of Egocasting shares Carr’s concern by saying “The long-term effect of this thoroughly individualized, highly technologized culture on literacy, engaged political debate, the appreciation of art, thoughtful criticism, and taste-formation is difficult to discern” (Rosen 1). Instead of using our natural instincts and intuition to figure our way through the world, today’s generation has technology do it for them. Therefore, due to how rapidly technology has advanced over the last century, mankind has unknowingly and involuntarily adapted to
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