How Information Systems Transform Business

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Information Technology (IT) is a compelling aspect in the course of globalization. Developments in the early 1990s in computer hardware, software, and telecommunications have produced extensive progresses in access to information and economic capacity. These improvements have enabled productivity improvements in all areas of the market. IT delivers the communication network that expedites the growth of products, ideas, and resources between countries and between individuals irrespective of geographic location. Producing well-organized and actual networks to exchange information, IT has been the substance for global incorporation. Current developments in our aptitude to connect and administer information in digital form a series of growths occasionally defined as an IT uprising are reforming the economies and social lives of numerous nations around the world. Merchandises built upon or improved by information technology are expended in practically every facet of life in modern industrial societies. The extent of IT and its applications has been extremely prompt. Years ago, the use of desktop personal computers was still rationed to an impartially small number of technologically innovative individuals. The devastating mainstream of individuals still created documents with typewriters, which warrant no employment of text and offer no storage. Fifteen years ago, huge and colossal mobile telephones were carried only by a small number of users in just a few U.S. cities. Today, half of all Americans use a mobile phone, and in some developing countries, mobile phones are used by more people than the fixed line telephone network (Information Technology and Globalization, 2006). With the development of the information technology and economic globalization, a large number of companies have to bear more and more competitive pressure in the contemporary society. Information
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