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 Born July 26, 1782 Dublin  Died January 23, 1837  Irish pianist, composer, and teacher  Born into a musical family  Made his debut at the age of nine  Moved to London, where Field studied under Muzio Clementi  Became a famous and sought-after concert pianist  Played Paris, Vienna, and St. Petersburg  The Russian capital impressed Field so much that he decided to stay behind  In 1810 he married Adelaide Percheron, a French pianist and former pupil of his  In 1815 fathered an illegitimate son, Leon Charpentier (later Leon Leonov), but remained with his wife. They had a son, Adrien, in 1819  Leon would later become a famous tenor while Adrien followed his father's steps and became a pianist  Field became best known for his post-London style of a chromatically decorated melody over sonorous left…show more content…
 The most influential music of the early Romantic period  His sonatas do not adhere to a strict formal scheme and they create a mood without text or programme  Influential were Field's early piano concertos, which occupy a central place in the development of the genre in the 19th century  Pioneered the Romantic large scale episodic structure.  Partly as a result of his extravagant lifestyle, Field's health began deteriorating by mid-1820s  By the late 1820's he was suffering from rectal cancer  He gave his last concert in March 1836 and died in Moscow from pneumonia  He was buried in the Vvedenskoye Cemetery  Influenced many major composers, including Chopin, Brahms, Schumann, and Liszt  Is best known today for originating the piano nocturne, a form later made famous by Chopin, as well as the development of the Russian piano school.  The first historically important work was Piano Concerto No. 1 H 27  First official opus was a set of three piano sonatas published by (and dedicated to) Clementi in
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