How Important Was the Darien Scheme in Worsening Relations Between Scotland & England Between 1688 and 1706? Essay

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How important was the Darien Scheme in worsening relations between Scotland and England between 1688 and 1706? William of Orange was a Protestant Dutch prince from the House of Orange. In the 1690’s, Scotland had tried to create a colony at Darien, in central America, but when the colony failed, many Scots held William responsible as he showed no interest in Scotland and never visited. William’s Scottish Government planned the Massacre of Glencoe in 1692, and there were famines which also occurred in the 1690’s, this created what opponents of William in Scotland called “King William’s seven ill years.” According to William’s propaganda, he had come to Britain to defend Protestantism, although, William was tolerant of many other religions and had other reasons for going to Britain. What could be known as his main concern for going to Britain was that he was trying to protect his homeland, nowadays known as the Netherlands. The Netherlands was under constant threat of attack from France, which was ruled by Louis XIV at the time. To defend the Netherlands, William was willing to create alliances with both Protestant and Catholic monarchs. William needed control of the English army and navy to use against France, this is why he invaded England in 1688. William also had to be sure that Scotland did not become a problem during his war with France, and so agreed to a Presbyterian settlement of the Scottish Church in 1690, in return, the Scottish parliament agreed to fund 28 months of William's war against the French. Now, the Scottish parliament had to decide whether to accept William and his wife Mary as their new King and Queen. Protestants had become concerned about James VII and II because both he and his wife were Roman Catholics. On April 11th 1689, the Scottish parliament produced the Claim of Right, which offered the crown to William and Mary on the condition
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