How Important Was Lenin's Leadership?

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History-Lenin Lenin’s Leadership was the single most important factor in the October revolution however there were others. Lenin was important as he constantly appealed to the Bolsheviks to prepare for immediate overthrow of Provisional Government stating that ‘history will not forgive us if we do not assume power.’ Without him the Bolsheviks would have continued to work with the government so they would not have lead a revolution making it significant as it changed the party’s direction. Lenin’s leadership was significant as his return to Petrograd stiffened the Bolshevik’s spine. Without his return they may not have had the determination to carry it out so it is important. His return also meant that he was able to persuade the central committee to agree to an armed uprising on the 10th October. Without this agreement they would not have tried to seize power at this moment in time. He came up with the propaganda charge that they had sold out to the bourgeoisie which was included in the April thesis. This was an attempt to persuade the public and gain support and make what they were about to do look legitimate. It was very powerful for them and it was Lenin's idea. This meant that he succeeded in getting the support from the disillusioned soldiers which meant they did not have to worry about the army which was important as they would not have to fight. Another use for it was making the other parties look weaker as they had all co-operated meaning there was less opposition. It was Lenin who gave the order for the revolution to begin. Someone else could have done this so in the grand scheme of things it is not very significant. Lenin’s leadership while being important was not always helpful for the Bolsheviks as the July days prove. This was an uprising against the Provisional government organised by Lenin which failed and led to the many of the
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