How Important Was Anne Boleyn in the English Reformation?

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Anne Boleyn How important was Anne Boleyn in the English reformation? Anne’s Influence on Henry and his decision to divorce Catherine Catherine of Aragon was born in 1485 to the King and Queen of Spain and so she was 6 years older than Henry VIII. Originally Catherine came to England to marry Arthur, Henry’s older brother. During these times, Kings and Queens did not marry for love, as people do today. They married in order to form a friendship between countries. By Catherine marrying Arthur, England and Spain would be friends, and allies in war. However, not long after Catherine and Arthur married, Arthur died so it was decided by Catherine’s parents and Henry’s father, that Catherine should marry Arthur’s younger brother Henry. In 1509, after he became King, Henry did marry Catherine. Some people say that Henry and Catherine actually loved each other as well as being married for allying purposes. An important thing to Henry was that he wanted to have a son, so that the Tudors would continue to rule England. Although Catherine had six children, only one survived, and this was a girl – Mary, who was born in 1516. By 1525, Catherine was too old to have more children. Without a son, the throne of England is taken over by someone who was not a Tudor? In 1522, a young woman called Anne Boleyn, became one of Catherine’s ladies-in-waiting. Anne was attractive, educated, witty and charming. Soon she had many male admirers at court which included King Henry VIII. During the next few years, Henry fell in love with Anne, and in May 1527, he decided to divorce Catherine, in order to marry Anne. Not only could he find love with Anne, but she might also give him the son that he so desired, and what was the most important factor to Henry. David Starkey – The Reign of Henry VII - ‘It was Anne’s very unwomanishness that made her so effective... she was one
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