How Important to the Overall Impact of ‘Wuthering Heights” as a Gothic Novel Are Its Settings? Essay

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Gothic novels rely heavily on different settings in order to reflect the mood of the characters as the story unveils itself. One way authors can use setting to reflect the emotions of the characters is through pathetic fallacy. Wuthering Heights displays pathetic fallacy throughout the novel to reflect the emotions and qualities of characters such as Catherine and Heathcliff. An example of pathetic fallacy within Wuthering Heights is the title itself which means uproarious and aggressive weather. This alone is an example of pathetic fallacy because the uproarious and aggressive weather can be seen as a representation of the nature of the characters in the novel (such as Heathcliff or Hindley Earnshaw). The title therefore gives an isight into the workings of the characters the readers will soon get to know. As well as the title itself, there are examples of pathetic fallacy amongst the novel such as in Chapter 9 when Heathcliff overhears Cathy telling Nelly how she could never marry Heathcliff as it would “degrade” her. At this moment a powerful storm breaks out as he leaves Wuthering Heights; “About midnight, while we still sat up, the storm came rattling over the Heights in full fury. There was a violent wind, as well as thunder, and either one or other split a tree off at the corner of the building; a huge bough fell across the roof, and knocked down a portion of the east chimney-stack, sending a clatter of stones and soot into the kitchen fire.” In this passage the “violent wind” clearly represents the anger and hatred he feels towards not only Cathy for saying that she could never marry him but also towards Wuthering Heights. His anger and hatred towards The Heights is because this was where he was stripped of his education. He feels that had he been educated, Cathy would have felt differently about marrying him. We know that he feels more anger towards

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