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How Important Is Your Memory? Essay

  • Submitted by: student12
  • on April 26, 2012
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Learning Team B will review the video: The Man without a Memory.   From this video, The Learning Team will answer the following questions.   This team will define the relationship between learning something and remembering.   This team will also address what the specific region of Clive’s brain is damaged to the result in his memory lost.   This team will not only explain Clive’s loss of memory for most things but also his lasting memory for his wife and piano.   In addition, this paper will tell what memories would be missed the most. Last, this team will explain how emotions are link to memory and provide examples to support the given answers.
    The relationship between learning something and remembering it
Learning is the process by which a person experience change in his or her nervous system. Memory is connected to the central learning and without memory nothing could be retain. Memorizing is considered the lowest form of learning. Sensory buffer short-term and long-term memory makes.   Clive can play the piano only by perpetual learning. Clive has the ability to learn and recognize stimulus in the piano that was perceived before.   Clive can identify the piano and play it perfectly. Clive has problems with his long and short term memory (Barber, Rajaram, & Fox, 2012).
The specific region of Clive’s brain is damaged to result in memory loss
In reviewing the video, it stated that Clive’s contacted encephalitis herpes that normally causes cold sore but this virus attacked Clive’s brain. The virus injured the hippocampus, which is the main function of long-term memory.   Clive’s also had damages to his frontal and temporal lobes. The frontal are in the cerebral cortex. This is position in the front of the cerebral cortex and is used for planning decision-making and problem solving.   The lobes primary function is to place pictures into order. Languages are normally damage if the temporal lobes are injured (Read, 1981)    

How Clive’s loss memory for most things...

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