How Important Is Getting Your License as a Teenager

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How Important is Getting a License as a Teenager? Can you imagine getting picked up from your friends house or from school by your parents? How about when you’re a junior or senior in high school? Well that’s what I had to go through when I was in high school and every time it happened I would always feel the same way. Embarrassed, humiliated and very dependent on others. Not only did I have to be embarrassed by getting rides from my parents but my friends also played a big role in my getting my license. They all had come up with a rule that was for me to sit in the back seat no matter how many people are in the car and that probably the breaking point for me to get my license. I never realized how important it was for a teenager to get their license was until I got mine. Unfortunately for me I realized that at the end of my senior year. For a teenager, getting a license is a very important event in their lives because it is a great way to become more responsible, become more independent, and it opens doors to many new opportunities for teenagers. Responsibility is one of the most important things for a teenager to learn at a young age. Many teens, after getting their license, might get a car from their parents or another close relative. Having a car is one of the biggest responsibilities for a teenager. You have to pay for gas, insurance, maintenance, and many other things. This will usually force teens to get a job and start being smart with the way they spend the money that they work hard for. I was one of the luckier teens that didn’t have to pay for anything except for gas. I didn’t become responsible from paying car payments but I did learn responsibility from driving the car around and knowing what things I need to watch out for such as, checking the oil and the anti-freeze. I learned a lot more about cars after I got my license and more about the

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