How I Will Make Scandals and Be Popular in Showbiz.? (Ironic and Sarcastic Essay)

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Topic: How I will make scandals and be popular in showbiz. Since Bill Gates became well-known with his Microsoft invention, Steve Jobs with his Apple Company or Angelina Jolie with her outstanding acting and beauty, they are all globally famous celebrities. Nonetheless, this is too “effortless” a way regarding mere talents or beauty. Hence, I would prefer a more challenging way of realizing this dream of being famous, it is to create scandals. If I were famous, I would often make deplorable comments on anything I like so that I shall always be in the public eye. Whenever people mention or even criticize mine, my name will surely be repeated, and if a million people keep doing the same thing, I shall soon be a million times as popular as I am now. As a result, I shall already be so busy caring how the public see me that I shall not be able to do anything else but make people talk about me more. If I were famous, I would often let people admire how “picturesque” my body is. I will show off all my muscles just like what the girls always do with their curves without hesitation. I will take as many selfies as possible and in no time, I will have thousands of “Like” on Facebook. Although I know my body is already perfect, I will never stop enhancing it even if I have to undergo countless fatal plastic surgeries. I am not afraid of death because I would rather die once under the spotlight than live a forever unknown life. In all, if I were famous, I would tell you all my secrets of being popular through the magic of scandals. However, for the time being, I am just about to be famous. Therefore, I am really “sorry for you” that I can do nothing more but keep them all for myself. I understand I have chosen an unfavorably scandalous way of realizing my dream but I shall never surrender myself to my biggest fear, the fear of being too famous after I have tried all my

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