How I Survived Sixth Grade

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Brut,Lindsay Period5 9/24/05 I Survived 6th Grade My experience for 6th grade was great. My first day at Portola Middle School was horrible and terrifying. First, I could not find any of my classes anywhere for a while. Second, I couldn’t get my lockers open. Last, it scary to be around the 7th and 8th graders. In homeroom, I was really scared of Ms. Smiths, she looked very scary. After came period 1, where I had no idea where to go. I went all the way to the bungalows (S-3, S-4, etc.) when I supposed to walk across the 8th grade lawn to Ms. Sheriff’s Creative Writing class. I was late to class, but was not marked tardy because we were still getting used to it. The second thing that happened, during period 2, the students were learning how to open lockers. I was standing there trying to open my locker. I couldn't open my locker. I couldn't open my locker that period until my homeroom teacher opened it for me. I can't tell you how stupid I felt when my Ms. Shores opened my locker in one try and I couldn't even open in like the 50 tries I did. When I went to P.E., they told us that we were not going to get our locker until we start to dress. I was really happy because I didn't need to deal with another locker problem for a couple of weeks. During lunch, I didn't recognize too many people from last year. I only sat with a few friends at the lunch tables at lunch time. I felt like I was in the 1st grade again in front the 7th and 8th graders. I felt as if the 8th graders were going to bully me or knock me down to the ground. I kind of felt really scared in front of them. the 8th graders used to stare at us as if they were going to kill us. The 7th graders just used to laugh at us. I wanted to punch them until they got a bloody nose, but I knew I would get in trouble. When I was in 5th grade, we were the tallest and biggest kids in the school

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