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How I Spend My Leisure Time Essay

  • Submitted by: haidarr
  • on June 8, 2012
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Below is an essay on "How I Spend My Leisure Time" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Hobbies involve activities that anyone always tries to engage in during his free time. The involvement, which is not meant for the sake of any monetary gains, brings joy and satisfaction. Hobbies vary from person to person.
While for one, stamp-collecting may be full of excitement and thrill; for another person the joy may lie in photography; or bird watching. The scope is, virtually, without any limits.
Hobbies are of varied nature. Some are solemn or light. Others are costly or trifling. But one thing is certain that they are not utilitarian. May be, at times, they bring in a considerable amount of money, but that is not the spirit in which they are cultivated. Generally, they are undertaken because of the pleasure and occupation they bring to our leisure or idle hours.
Pursuing a particular hobby is a matter of personal choice. We cannot give reasons why someone is having this or that hobby. As for me, I enjoy spending my time on two hobbies. They are: gardening and book-reading. I like gardening because I find nature with all its fascinating world of colours and sound quite thrilling.
Pretty, colorful flowers and sweet notes of various birds are too appealing to resist. We have a bungalow in an area of 500 square yards, out of which the covered area is only 200 square yards. The rest of the area is filled with a garden and a lawn. I dig the soil, weed the garden, grow plants, mix manure, water the hedge and trees and prune them.
This keeps me physically fit, resulting in a good appetite. I do not suffer from indigestion as do many other people. Diabetes, piles and catarrh are not for me. I know not about any high or low blood pressure, nor do I suffer from any kind of other ailments.
I enjoy sound sleep at night. My days are serene and my looks are bright. Gardening, thus, gives me not only pleasure and excitement but also a robust body.
My beautiful garden is full of fruit trees and vegetables, the home-grown fruits and...

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