How I Plan To Become a Doctor

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How To Become A Doctor “The path to becoming a doctor typically takes a minimum of 12 years after high school” says Jennifer Heisler from To one person, this may sound like a nightmare. However, to me this sounds more like a dream. In fact, it sounds like my American dream. Becoming a doctor is something I’ve always wanted to do. I love everything about being a doctor: the hard work required, environment, and just the simplistic feeling of nurturing and providing aid to others. For me to someday accomplish my goal of being a doctor would be nothing but a dream come true. Throughout this essay, I will illustrate how I plan to achieve my American dream. The first step I will take to become a doctor is graduating from a 4-year college or university. According to, the minimum undergraduate requirement for pre-med students is three years. However, most pre-med student complete four years of postsecondary schooling. I plan on receiving either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in one of the basic sciences, like chemistry or biology. It is imperative that students who are interested in medicine to take classes in chemistry, math, biology, and physics. I plan on going to a school where I can follow a pre-medicine track that is in conjunction with my major. In preparation for medical school, I plan to excel. I want to receive excellent grades, volunteer in my community, and earn my teachers’ respect. I want to be able to receive an impressive recommendation letter and be able to prove I am a responsible, well-rounded person. I want to show I am committed to my job and I have the ability to stay calm and make decisions under pressure. During my 4 years at a university, I am going to prepare myself for the long hours of being a doctor. My second step will be going to medical school. According to

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