How I Made A Difference Essay

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Good Friends are beside you in all your troubles, behind all your dreams. In touch with all your feelings, and into all your schemes. Above making judgements, and upfront from the start. Around when you need them, and near to your heart. For me, this stirs my thoughts and emotion, and allows me to recall how I made a difference to those around me and how I can continue making a difference. Reminiscing about the life I had in primary school, I recall an occasion in which my friend, Kevin, fell ill and was hospitalized. I later found out that he was warded in East Shore Hospital that was near my grandmother’s house. It was just a few roads down before I would reach the hospital. My grandmother helped me pack a fruit basket to take it to the hospital to him when I went to visit. When I reached the hospital and entered his ward, I could see from his expression that he was surprised at my visit. I suppose he did not expect me to visit him. Well, the least I could do as a friend was to visit him in the hospital. I was however shocked to see him on a drip and the tubes connected to him. I gave him the fruit basket and wished him get well soon. I also chatted with him and was relieved to find that he would be discharged soon. Well, there were also two other incidents that I recall had happened recently. The first incident happened not so recently, just a few months ago. It was lunchtime and I was queuing up at the usual noodle delight stall thinking of what dish I would order when I caught a glimpse of blue on the floor, thinking it was some litter left behind by some schoolmate I decided not to be bothered by it. As I got closer to the blue object, I saw that it was rectangular in shape and what seemed like an Automated Teller Machine card. So I bent down to get a closer look at what it was and realise it was a POSB card. Thoughts of a guy panicking and thinking of

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