How I Knew I Was In Love? Essay

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To be honest with you, how does anyone know when there in love? We all have these interpretations of love from society, friend’s, and family as well as our own experience. I don’t have too much knowledge about “love”, but I could express some thoughts of what I went through in a past relationship. What I share with him in my life made me the happiest person ever. I would not for one second give up the memories and moments that we shared. When I wasn’t around him I felt sad and incomplete like something wasn’t right. In my eyes he was flawless, even though perfection is impossible since everyone perspective is different. Like all relationships at first, their joy and laughter of having this feelings with a significant other, sharing together and getting to know each other better. I was happy to have somebody to lean on when things got a little rocky. Happy to know they’re someone thinking about me through the day, beside my family and friend’s. Pleased to cherish my feelings tours him physically as well as mentally. Also valuing all the memories we made along the way road being good and bad. And experiencing something new with a person in a different level that couldn’t I myself couldn’t describe verbally. Being there for each other when needed, just to make each other happy. Feeling save as what could go wrong between the two of us. As time passes, conflicts and jealousy tended to sink in having disagreements like any other couple would. At times, I hated him for the pain and struggle he made me go through in our relationship. But for some reason, I looked pass that fact, since when he wasn’t around I felt empty and lonely as if no one was there to consult me. Feeling as if things couldn’t be as they used to be when we started. How I expressed my “love”, was through making and

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