How I Define Success

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How I Define Professional/Personal Success How do I define personal success? Well there are a great many things I think make you” a Successful person“. For starters I think success all starts with money, and the things/ possessions you have from your money. Such as cars, houses, the clothes you wear, vacations you take, and the summer homes you have. The list goes on. I think worldly possessions are great, and fine. It’s always easier to pick up a good looking girl in a real nice car; however I also define success in a completely different way. That is personal happiness. Being at ease with yourself, who you are, and what you do day to day. You can have all the nicest things in the world., but If you hate your wife, your kids are into drugs, gangs or jail, your not to happy or successful for that matter. You could be on the other side of the spectrum like my father. You could own your own business and have all the money you could ever need, but no one to share it with. Just come home to your lonely house everyday and sit and watch TV by yourself. To me that is not successful ether. Ether way, I guess what I’m saying, is money does not always bring happiness or success; however I do think it is required for me to be successful. Money will not make happiness for me ether, I think it is a means to achieve your goals and be truly successful. I believe a true success, and what I hope with all my heart to achieve, is to have enough money to get a decent house, not a mansion by any means. Something nice enough, and in a good enough neighborhood to raise my family, have decent cars that will not be breaking down all the time, and a job that I enjoy doing would be a huge plus in what I think of as being truly successful. I would hope I could raise and teach my children enough to keep them out of trouble and how to be a good people, but most of all would be finding

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