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Choose one close relationship in your life; it does not have to be a romantic love relationship. Post a 200- to 300-word response describing the defining characteristics of this close relationship. Use the information presented in Ch. 11 to formulate your response. Respond thoroughly and specifically. Remember the importance of grammar, spelling, punctuation and style. Note that you MUST use the text to support your responses, demonstrating that you have learned the material through the required reading assignments. I chose to do this checkpoint assignment about the relationship I have with my daughter. Although, I know that she is only 3 and I have only had such a short time with her so far, I look forward to the amazing relationship that we have so far and that, that is to come of it. I believe that the characteristics of our relationship hold trust for number one because I trust that she is always going to love her me as her mother and she trusts me in so many ways so far. I also have a son and I have amazing relationship with him as well, but I believe that like myself and my mother that a bond between and mother and daughter is something amazing and I think that it is a lot deeper and stronger then the bond I have with my son. Don’t get me wrong I have the deepest and strongest bond with my son but nothing like him and his father. I think that another characteristic of my relationship with my daughter would be caring so much for her well being. I am always going to worry about her and it is going to scare me to death when she gets hurt physically/emotionally, this is something that is without a doubt never going to fail. The last characteristic of our relationship I would like to talk a little bit about is going to be our commitment to each other when I think of this word I think of a couple relationship. I think that with a child commitment you love
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