How Humans Impact Nitrogen

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HOW HUMANS IMPACT CARBON,PHOSPHOROUS,NITROGEN CYCLE The nitrogen cycle is impacted by humans whenever fertilizers are applied to farmlands to help crops grow. This adds nitrate to the soil. If the soil erodes the nitrates are transported and deposited to the nearest body of water. This can cause algae to overgrow in a process called eutrophication. The lake will run out of oxygen as the algae dies off the decomposition. The phosphorous cycle occurs between the land and sea. The atmosphere is not involved in this cycle at all. Phosphorus usually weathers from rocks and incorporates in plants which are eaten by herbivores which are consumed by carnivores. In urine and feces phosphorus is excreted and when organism decompose phosphorus is returned to the ecosystem . when humans added additional phosphate to the environment , just as with the nitrogen, eutrophication can occur in fresh water ecosystems. By adding manure to the farmland and it can add phosphate to the environment. The carbon cycle is influenced by humans because they have been adding more carbon to the atmosphere since the industrial revolution due to the burning of the fossil fuel. Plants need carbon dioxide but due to air pollution which kills plants and cleaning land by cutting down forest trees; there is excessive carbon dioxide. It has been shown that this can lead to global warming due to the greenhouse effect. Sun light can enter the earths atmosphere and trap the heat energy causing the sea levels to rise which can end up causing a flood. It can change the earths climate possibly spread different diseases carried by organisms that thrive off of the higher

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