How Humans Impact in Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus Cycle.

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Scherrie Smith Environment Science EVS 1001-120 October 26, 2012 Professor Amanda Slaughter How Humans Impact in Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus Cycle. Carbon Cycle- is the circulation of carbon between living organisms and their surroundings. Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is synthesized by plants into plant tissue, which is ingested and metabolized by animals and converted to carbon dioxide again during respiration and decay. The human impact on the Carbon Cycle is that human intrusion into the cycle is significant. We are diverting or removing 40% of the photosynthetic effect of and plants. By burn fossil fuel has increased atmospheric CO2 by 35 %.( Pearson Education, Inc. 2011) Also deforestation and soil degradation release significant amounts of CO2 to the atmosphere. (Wright, Boorse 2011) Phosphorus Cycle- The phosphorus cycle is the biogeochemical cycle that describes the movement of phosphorus through the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere. Unlike many other biogeochemical cycles, the atmosphere does not play a significant role in the movement of phosphorus, because phosphorus and phosphorus-based compounds are usually solids at the typical ranges of temperature and pressure found on Earth. Like the carbon cycle, it is depicted as a set of pools of phosphorus and fluxes to indicate key processes. Phosphorus exists in various rock and soil minerals as the inorganic ion phosphate. As rock gradually breaks down, phosphate and other ions are released. This is a slow process. Plants absorb phosphate from the soil, or from a water solution, once the phosphate is incorporated into organic compounds by the plants; it is referred to as organic phosphate. Organic phosphate is transferred from produces to the rest of the ecosystem. (Wright, Boorse 2011) The human impact on the Phosphorus cycle is the most serious human intrusion in the phosphorus

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