How Humans Essay

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The discovery of agriculture is probably one of the biggest impacts in the course of human development. Agruculture itself opened the door to many ideas and oportunity that are the bases of our societies today. Human to human trade of goods open up the basis of a trading system that would be used the following thousands of years after. It changed the course of history because without it, we would not have enough resources to feed our rapidly increasing population of humans. This simple discovery made a huge impact in our development as a species at the time. Mainly because of what it taught us, and that knowledge that would be used thousands of years later ´currently speaking`. Humans as a whole have developed more advanced ways to improve agriculture but at the same time it all has one main need. Irrigation, being the most important factor in agricultural development. Irrigation is one of the most important factors in agricultural development. It is so because it is a human made way to take care of crops. Crops are one of the biggest sources of food for our species. Irrigation just made the development of crops easier for us and easier to maintain. The basics of agriculture have always been the same, till this day we still use methods used way back when agruculture was first introduced by babylonians. Throughout years we have made improvements in the way we manage our crops. But the irrigation method is still used till this day. Agriculture changed everything, just because food plays a major roll in everyday life.
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