How Huck Finn Mature

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Final Draft Huck Finn is known as a coming of age novel, due to his maturity growing throughout the story. It can relate to young teenagers today, from the way they act as they are maturing. At the beginning of the novel, Huck is not so mature. He is rebelling against Miss Watson, acting like he doesn’t have to listen to her. She is obviously getting frustrated with him. Another time Huck is acting up, he and Miss Watson are arguing because she is trying to make him more civilized and trying to teach him proper manners, but he doesn’t think he needs to change and he doesn’t want to change, he likes the way he is. So when he’s arguing with Miss Watson, she says something about him not going to heaven if he doesn’t change. He made a comment saying “hell seems…show more content…
He was brought up by his dad and other family to treat black people as slaves and/or servants, but as Huck starts to know Jim, he treats him well. Jim’s skin color doesn’t matter to Huck. He sees what’s inside and not the outside as everyone else sees it. He matured at the end of the story. He now is caring about other people and is responsible for his actions. He doesn’t rely on other people to take care of his problems, he takes care of them himself. He knows right from wrong and thinks before he actually does something he’ll regret later or might involve other people’s feelings. The last problem that Huck deals with is with his father. It’s at the beginning of the story, but it has to deal with Huck throughout the whole story. His father has no manners and wants Huck to act like him. His father thinks when Miss Watson tries to teach him manners, Huck doesn’t have to learn them. He doesn’t want him to be civilized and his dad holds him back. His dad is abusive and a drunkard parent. He locks him in the cabin and doesn’t let him out. That problem was why Huck ran away and faked his death in the first
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