How Horrible The Holocaust Affected Millions Of People's Lives

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Night Essay The book “Night” best demonstrates how horrible the Holocaust was and how it affected billions of people's lives. This horrific event should never be forgotten which so ever. The Holocaust changed history and several people's perspectives. The Nazis managed to get away with so many things they did to the jews and nobody ever stood up. Instead people remained in silence, and inhumanity took over. It is important that we shall not forget this tragedy that occurred. It is far more important we should study the holocaust as well, due to the fact that hundreds and hundreds of innocent human beings lost their lives and we can't let this happen again later on in Life.` When the Jews were sent to the concentration camps, all families were separated. The Germans were not considerate at all. Because of cruel people like them…show more content…
Each day, Jews were just giving a certain amount of water, bread, and soup. Men were forced to work until they can no longer take it and just die because the poor conditions they were in and the doctors in the camps wouldn't take the time and see what was wrong, they rather just let them die. There was something known as a selection as well. It was used to decide if each Jewish was still useful for working. If this wasn't the case then he should be killed. The book says, “It’s a concentration camp. Here, you have to work. If not, you will go straight to the furnace. To the cemetery. Work or the crematory-the choice is in your hands.” According to the book Eliezer says, “Never shall I forgot the smoke. Never shall I forget the little faces of the children, whose bodies I saw turned into wreaths of smoke beneath a silent blue sky.” The children he once saw were being burned alive. They killed the children and the elderly because according to them, they came to no use since they weren’t to

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