How Hip Hop Affects Culture

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[Type the company name] | EXPLAIN HOW HIP HOP CULTURE AFFECTS COMMUNICATION IN ACADEMIA AND THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT. FOCUS ON VERBAL AND WRITTEN COMMUNICATION | | | Mychael Ayres | 4/17/2013 | | Street language is conveyed to the hip hop culture through rap music. People can hear a Chinese or Filipino hip hop enthusiast using the same slang as the African American hip hop enthusiast. Regardless of their ethnicity hip hop enthusiasts use adjectives such as “dope, da bomb, legit, hittin, all that” to describe something that is excellent. The word “nigga” is one of the most popular words of hip hop enthusiasts. Contrary to the traditional derogatory meaning of the word, hip hop enthusiasts use the word as a term of fondness. People can also hear a Caucasian, Oriental, or Latino hip hop enthusiasts saying, “TJ is my nigga,” which stands for “TJ is a good friend.” The language of the Hip Hop culture changes constantly. What might be a cool statement today might be “played out” (outdated) in a year. Young African Americans have adopted the style of dress of upper class Caucasians as a manifestation of their lack of power in American society. While they might not be successful yet, the reason for adorning expensive Polo shirts, blue jeans and sneakers is to present an image of success. Suburban white kids take for granted the material success of their parents and their parents' friends. One way to express this disapproval is by identifying with the renegade image of the street. Many white kids are "cultural tourists” who idolize the very ghetto life that so many young black kids want to escape. Instead of the terrible death rate for young black males, they see the glamour of violence. Instead of the frustration of people denied jobs and hope and respect, they see the verbal defiance of that frustration. According to Russell Simmons (hip hop's
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