How Have Disney Portrayed Women? Essay

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PROJECTOR: My focus question. Presenter: my presentation will be questioning how women are portrayed within Disney films, and whether Disney will ever be able to embrace feminism. My focus films are Tangled, Mulan and Cinderella and referencing Snow White, the little mermaid and 101 Dalmatians. PROJECTOR: screen grabs of various characters either showing the ‘damsel’ or an ‘evil’ character. These will include the evil step mother and Cinderella from Cinderella, Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians, Mulan, Snow White and the evil step mother from Snow White. Presenter: Traditional Disney films will portray female characters one of two roles. She will either portray the pure and innocent damsel/princess, who is domesticated and in distress and in need of rescuing by her ‘prince’. This is a clear motif within all ‘princess’ Disney films, including Cinderella and Snow White. The other role that females take is the evil, jealous, vindictive woman who wants revenge, evident with Cruella De Vil and the ‘evil step mothers’ which are shown in many of the Disney films. Bravery is only achieved by men or becoming a man such as in Mulan. How is this a healthy message for Disney’s target, the younger audience? PROJECTOR: “as they continue to find new audiences in each upcoming generation, it seems reasonable to assume that these films have more than simply a nostalgic appeal: they must in some way, still hold relevance in modern audience” Davis 19 (Quote) Presenter: Yet people argue that Disney films are only fairy tales and are not even based on reality. However they do target young children, in which they form views from their surroundings as they are growing up. This critic is arguing that Disney’s view upon women and representation in films, are a representation of reality and what happened in everyday life. Are these representations just a cultural mirror or a

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