How Has the Use of New Home Technologies Changed the Way That We Experience Films?

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How has the use of new home technologies changed the way that we experience films? Over the last few years, new technologies have been created which could change the way in which audiences view and experience films. A way audiences watch films today is through the internet. People can but films through internet services such as LoveFilm and Netflix. Viewing films in this way can be quicker and cheaper than going to the cinema to watch the films, and the viewing experience is more comfortable as you are watching the films in your own home. Watching films in the cinema gives you a limited choice of films to watch, but using an internet service gives the viewer a wider selection of films. Another way technology has changed the way we experience films is DVDs, videos and Blu Rays. With these, people can watch their films whenever they choose to, and are sometimes cheaper than going to see a film at the cinema. There has been an increase in people buying and renting Blu-Ray. This is because Blu-ray has highdefinition picture and standard DVDs could break easily due to scratches while Bluray discs are scratch-resistant. People can also watch films at home trough satelite and cable. They can watch films using 'on demand' services such BBC iPlayer and 4oD. With newer technology, people have the option to record films on their television rather than going out to the cinema to see the films as they can stay in the comfort of their own homes. Today, televisions are much bigger, thinner and energy efficient than older televisions, giving a better viewing experience for films. Because of the increased quality of televisions, people may not feel the need to go to the cinema to see good quality films anymore. Also, the introduction of high-definition televisions has improved the quality of film viewing in people's homes, giving the viewers a more impressive
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