How Has the Un Outlived It's Usefulness? Essay

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How has the UN outlived its usefulness? The UN (United Nations) is the successor group of the league on Nations when 50 countries came and met in San Francisco to agree on the terms of the UN charter. The UN has long been a controversial body and the organisation, comprised of the P5, the five permanent members; UK, US, China, France, Russia, has come under, over time, heavy criticisms and to its composite bodies. In this essay I will look at whether the UN is not longer needed and whether it has outlived its usefulness, by comparing the pros and cons. There are many reasons why the UN is very important, for example; it is an indispensable body, its successes in peacekeeping, its important contribution to aid across the globe and its new political ideologies that could contribute to social and economic development worldwide. However there are many reasons why the UN has become obsolete and unnecessary due to lack of legitimacy, lack of real effectiveness, lack of moral compass and the fact that the UN is said to be out-dated. The UN is said to be an indispensable body, which means that the world will always be a safer place with the body in action. This is mainly due to its political and military power. Despite the UN being formed of the P5 and other non-permanent members, they are state backed by all of these countries, which helps keep international security. Despite the fact that the UN will never be able to prevent wars and resolve all conflicts, it provides an indispensable framework for cooperation. The UN has previously been successful at keeping war at bay, an example being the 1948 Arab-Israeli war that overlooked at kept ceasefire and helped stop the Somalia civil war, despite helping towards the famine. Having said this, the UN is fundamentally flawed in many aspects, due to the fact it was designed as a supranational body whose role was to

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