How Has The Automobile Impacted The Growth Of America Essay

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Ryan Whiles American History II 13 March 2007 How the Automobile Has Impacted the Growth of America The automobile has impacted American growth in many ways. Some of the most common include transportation of food, supplies, and people. It has also brought about economic growth and environmental deterioration. It has also been the cause of many deaths. Along with good things in life, come some bad and the automobile industry shares that same impact on American growth. In the late 1800s, America’s transportation system consisted of rivers, roads, and canals for use of transporting agricultural and manufactured goods. Human transportation was usually via wagons on trails rather than roads. Around 1833, came the steam railroad and by 1850, it provided transportation from coast to coast. City life in the early 1900s consisted of walking. But the creation of streetcars and trolleys was the new way for intercity travel. Soon city dwellers were able to live outside of the city and ride streetcars or trolleys to work in the city. This would be the first time “suburban life” came into play in America. Streetcars and trolleys were powered through electricity as well as the electric automobile. The first gas-powered car was invented in 1893…show more content…
The practice of credit use started in the automobile industry but soon fell over into other manufactured goods. Americans began using credit as a means of purchasing large-ticket items. With automobile drivers traveling across the country, the need for motels arose to accommodate their overnight stays on long drives. In addition, as a result of the automobile, America’s very first drive-through restaurant opened in 1921. Soon to follow were drive-in-movies, drive-through banks, and convenience stores. The drive-through restaurant rage is still in place and considered a mainstay as a way of dining for most American
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