How Has Romeo Change Throughout the Play

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How has Romeo change throughout the play? Beginnning * Romeo is in infatuation with Rosaline, but how he describes her is like he is deeply and truly in love with her. When the devout religion of mine eye Maintains such falsehood, then turn tears to fires; And these, who often drown’d could never die, Transparent heretics, be burnt for liars! One fairer than my love! The all-seeing sun Ne’er saw her match since first the world become. (ACT 1, SCENE 2) * Does Romeo over dramatise the situation when he talks to Benvolio? Romeo does over dramatise this situation because he wants to seek attention. These things that Romeo does makes him seem immature. BENVOLIO: what sadness lengthens Romeo’s hours? ROMEO: not having that, which, having, makes them short. BENVOLIO: in love? ROMEO: out- BENVOLIO: of love? ROMEO: out of her favour, where I am in love. (ACT 1, SCENE 1) * When Romeo sees Juliet for the first time, he dramatically falls in love with her beauty. When Romeo starts to talk about Juliet, it does not seem rehearsed. Unlike when Romeo was talking about Rosaline it seemed that it was rehearsed. O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright! It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night Like a rich jewel in an Ethiope’s ear; Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear! So shows a snowy dove trooping with crows, As yonder lady o’er her fellows shows. The measure done, I’ll watch her place of stand, And, touching hers, make blessed my rude hand. Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night. (ACT 1, SCENE 1)
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