How Has Rome Changed Over Time Essay

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The year 476 saw the end of the Roman Empire in the west. Rome had been in a decline since the end of the Pax Romana in 180 A.D. However, Rome did leave behind a legacy that lasted for centuries and the significance of Roman law is still seen in twenty-first century law. More so was the survival of the Christian Religion. Rome had a tremendous impact on the Church, and the results of it form the world over the next millennium. Shortly after the fall of Rome to the Germanic people, Byzantine culture took root. There was however another civilization emerging from the eastern horizon. Islam. Before Islam many of the Arab tribes religions were based on their clans’ gods. Muhammed wanted to unite the Arab tribes and believed he was to be a prophet. Muhammed presented the Arab world with one god and one book, Allah and the Koran. While at first…show more content…
There was a revival of classical education, “writers and artists...looked back on the medieval centuries as the Dark Ages” (Perry et al., p. 294). The Greek and Roman styles resurfaced and expanded, there was a whole new freshness about Europe, they were reborn, starting in Italy the Renaissance was in full swing. The Renaissance brought with it many notable changes. As people begin living the “city-life” it changed their views on relationships and marriage. Many became work oriented, getting married later on. The American viewpoint is closely tied to this concept, Americans have also pushed marriage back, in order to complete an advanced education, and climb the corporate ladder, many feel that marriage would hold them back from those accomplishments. Another change from the Renaissance, and arguably the most notable change, was humanism. This was not the form of humanism that many today are familiar with, but it was an educational stance based on greek and Roman literature. The new form of learning inspired many philosophers such as Isaac Newton and artist like Leonardo da
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