How Has Performing Arts Affected Your Lives and Why Is It Important to You?

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Everyone lives is bound to be affected by performing arts one way or another, be it minor or significant. For me, it would meant heaven and earth if I was not exposed into the world of music many years back. The definination of performing arts can vary from person to person, for me, it is something that changed my life. Anyone who performs to an audience in any venue is a performer. Arts is somewhat complex as there are many things that defines an art, it also varies depending on individual opinion. Anything that impact or inspires someone is considered an art, that is my opinion. Performing arts is one or more performers who showcases their art to an audience. For what that impacts me the most is mainly music.

I only got interested into music about 5 years ago, before that, I'm more like a lifeless gaming guy who simply likes to play games only. It was only then, I got exposed to japanese pop/rock music by a friend. Slowly, I grew interested into the music that I picked up guitar as a hobby. But it wasn't untill about 3 years ago before I started seriously learning the guitar. I posted my information on one the forums online to look for a band that has similar interests. Shortly, after a series of auditions and joining a few bands to play, we ended up disbanding due to some issues with the band leader. Weeks later, the vocalist of one of the bands I've played with decided to form a band of her own by getting members; I was the guitarist of that band. Our goal of this band is to brush up our skills and go for gigs. To date, we have performed in various occasions in Singapore. Playing in this band has in turn made me know another person, who was the lead guitarist sessionist we had at some point of time. He had made me discover my interest into the "behind the scenes" of music. This has lead me into persuing it as my career, thus here am I in Lasalle studying Audio

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