How Has John Adams Achieved Little In Foreign Affairs During His Presidency?

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1st – George Washington 1789-1797 Vice-President – John Adams Domestic Affairs Creation of the Departments of State (Thomas Jefferson), Treasury (Alexander Hamilton), War (Henry Knox), and Offices of Attorney General (Edmund Randolph), and Postmaster General (Samuel Osgood). Bill of Rights proposed as 12 amendments and 10 passed Federal Judiciary Act- Creates a six member Supreme Court, John Jay is appointed as Chief Justice and 13 district courts and 3 circuit courts. Hamilton’s Fiscal Program: Assumption of Bill-assume state debts from Revolutionary War; First Bank of the United States; Buy bonds at par or face value. Alexander Hamilton’s Report on Manufactures Excise tax on tax on whiskey leads…show more content…
Adams achieved little in foreign Affairs during his Presidency because opposition from congress. Social/Cultural Democracy The Foundation of Working men’s parties John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died W.A. Burt invents the type writer 7th – Andrew Jackson 1829-1837 Vice-Presidents- John Calhoun, Martin van Buren Domestic Affairs Replaced his cabinet with unqualified characters. Indian Removal Act of 1830 Trail of Tears The Federal Tariff Nullification- gave states the right to declare a federal law inoperative within its boundaries. The Eaton Affair Tariff of 1832 Compromise Tariff of 1833- Brought an end to the tariff problems with the south. Veto of the Bill to recharter the Second Bank of America Bank war Specie Circular- Hard Money of Gold and Silver Andrew Jackson Farewell Address Foreign Affairs Agreement with Britain regarding trade with the West Indies Treaty of 1831 with France Texas revolted and declared its independence from Mexico Social/Cultural Wigs The Hudson River school artist started painting the natural beauty of the United States Ralph Waldo Emerson published
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