How Has Christmas Affected Globalization Essay

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How are Christmas and globalization linked? Globalization is the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale. Christmas was a religious festival celebrated by most Christians in dominant countries. Since then Christmas has changed to purchasing and exchanging goods this is linked to globalization because businesses import and export goods to shops and they’re then bought by customers around the world. Also now not only Christian countries celebrate Christmas, India, China and Kuwait are examples of countries that aren’t Christian that celebrate Christmas. Examples of businesses that are linked to Christmas are Primark, Nike and Apple. Examples of Christmas gifts that are linked to globalization could be; phones, laptops, clothes and books. Firstly technological gifts; for example Apple products. Apple is one of the leading technology shops worldwide. There are 6,805,200,000 stores worldwide, this is an example of globalization because almost everyone around the world is near an Apple store and they’re able to purchase their products. Around Christmas time Apple have a 30% increase in sales, this is linked to globalization because they would have to produce more so they can sell more this then leads to Apple buying more of its raw materials from China, then more products have to manufactured in California and sold to people around the world around the year however more around Christmas time. This links to globalization because people around the world purchase the product and give it to other people as presents therefore Apple operate on an international scale making them a globalized business because they provide people with a variety of products worldwide especially around Christmas time. For consumers in dominant Western countries, globalization means an abundance of fashions

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