How Greasy Are Potato Chips?

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How Greasy are Potato Chips? Project Plan/Problem Statement Tired of greasy fingers when you eat your favorite potato chip? Have you ever wondered which chips are greasier then others? In this experiment, I will be conducting a test to see how much grease is retained in different varieties of potato chips. No matter the variety, original, crinkle, or baked, they are all manufactured with oil. This test will show how much oil each of these types of chips hold. I will be preforming a test with three varieties of 7-11 Select brand chips; Original Potato Chips, BIG BITE Hot Dog Potato Chips, and Kettle Style Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips. I will weigh out 0.5oz of potato chips, crush them on graph paper, and let them set for 1 minute. I will then remove the chips, observe the oil residue left behind, and record the data. Literature Review Greasy fingers after eating potato chips is just an annoyance. With America, being the number one country in the world to have a problem with obesity, we should have a better understanding of what lies in the food we eat (Nation Master, 2012). Potato chips are one of America’s favorite snacks. On average the potato chip sold on shelves today have 7-10g of fat per 1oz serving (Frito Lay, 2012). Chips are prepared in different ways; deep-fried, cooked in a kettle, as well as baked, but they are all manufactured with grease. I reviewed two other studies that measured the amount of grease in different brands of potato chips. One study found on followed similar steps as the experiment I am preforming. The main differences were the amount of chips that they used and unit that was chosen to measure the grease stain. First, they used only two potato chips from each brand. I found this to be not as accurate as measuring out an equal weight as the potato chips could vary in size. Second, after

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