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Withdrawal from Religious Education The Basic Curriculum RE forms part of every school’s basic curriculum. The basic curriculum can be understood in the following way: 1. Those aspects of education which are the responsibility of the parent and which the school supports through its basic curriculum; 2. Those aspects of education that are the responsibility of the school and which are supported by parents. The first category above includes RE and Sex Education, the second is the National Curriculum. If we view the basic curriculum in this way we can now understand why parents have the right to withdraw their children from RE and Sex Education but not the National Curriculum and why schools can disapply pupils from the National Curriculum (subject to certain conditions) but not RE and Sex Education. Hence, if a parent wishes to withdraw a child from a National Curriculum subject because they are studying a religious topic related to that subject they cannot. Examples a) Ruth has been withdrawn from RE by her parents. In Y4 she is studying the Tudors. The issue of the foundation of the Church of England comes up in lessons, along with general considerations about the impact of the Reformation. Ruth’s parents cannot withdraw her from History as this is a National Curriculum Order and what they study is not part of the school’s basic curriculum for RE. b) Simon is studying the Middle East conflict as part of GCSE History. His parents have withdrawn him from RE and complain that when he has to do some study on Islam and Judaism as part of his understanding of the Middle East conflict he has been doing RE against their wishes. In that they have endorsed his choice as parents and had access to the syllabus through the options booklet their complaint seems strange. Nevertheless, there is no need to exclude Simon from any part of his History given that what is presented

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